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Alumni Association

The Alumni Association Mission Statement: To create meaningful lifelong affinity and kinship with each other and to remain involved with and supportive of the College.

Since 1926, when the first baccalaureate degrees were granted, St. Scholastica has had an Alumni Association. Any former student who has successfully completed at least one term at the College is an alumna or alumnus.

Numbering 12,921 members, the Alumni Association functions under the leadership of a 24 member Board of Directors with four officers: president, president elect, vice president and secretary. The Alumni Board has six standing committees including awards, development, events, nominations, outreach and technology.

Through the Alumni Association, scholarships are awarded each year to eligible St. Scholastica students who are daughters or sons of alumni or nieces or nephews of childless alumni who have received their degree from St. Scholastica. Members of the Association also work with the Admissions Department and Student Alumni Association. The Association promotes social activities and lifelong learning as well as assisting in the Annual Fund drive. The College depends greatly on the strength of a concerned and enterprising Alumni Association.

Parents' Association

All parents of St. Scholastica students are members of the Parents' Association. This organization strengthens communication between the College and parents. Members assist with programs and activities during the year, including Orientation and Family Weekend, work with admissions counselors on student recruitment and encourage financial support of the College. The Association functions under the leadership of a Board of Directors. The administrative officers include co chairs, co vice chairs and a secretary.
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