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Phone and video interviews are used frequently by employers as a method of screening candidates before a person-to-person interview. They also offer employers a chance to interview a potential candidate when distance may be an issue. Phone and video interviews are just as important as personal interviews because interviewers can determine a candidate’s ability to think on their feet and communicate effectively. Many employers assess the candidates based upon the results of a phone or video interview, so don’t take this process lightly! Listed below are several tips that will help prepare you for that conversation. Prepare • • • • Present • • • • • • • • Don’t chew gum. Smile throughout the interview. Your enthusiasm will be communicated by the way you answer. Remember to speak clearly and answer slowly so none of your responses are misinterpreted. Throughout the interview, make sure your answers are clear by asking questions like, “Did I address that question effectively?” or “Do you need any more details?” Because you are not face-to-face, it’s important to make sure your interviewer is receiving the information he or she needs. Always address your interviewer professionally. Use the title, Mr., Ms., etc. Even though the interview may seem informal, you must remain professional. Never interrupt. Wait until questions have been posed before answering. Avoid conversations fillers such as, “um” or “uh.” Take a moment to gather yourself instead of just filling the silence. Always thank your interviewer for his/her time and send a thank you note. Expressing gratitude for opportunities presented to you is an important aspect in the job search process. Technology • • • Understand and practice technology beforehand. Consider background images and the interview environment. Have “Plan B” ready for system hiccups (ex. home phone ready to call in system fails). 31 tip for successful pone/video interview • • • • Dress as you would for a person-to-person interview. Don’t wear your pajamas! Dressing professionally will boost your confidence and ability to respond well. Remove all distractions. Focus your complete attention on the individual you are conversing with and make sure that your call will not be interrupted. Place a mirror in front of you. Even though you may not be face-to-face, your non-verbal cues will still be conveyed. Place a glass of water in front of you. Place a resume in front of you so you can quickly refer to it when asked a question. Have a list of your accomplishments accessible. This will ensure quick and effective responses. Have a pen and paper handy. Taking notes will prevent you from missing or forgetting any vital information your prospective employer may provide you. Prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer. Job Search Handbook Tips for a Successful Phone/Video Interview