Wimba offers Web conferencing solutions that can be incorporated into the Blackboard environment and that can also stand alone as a way to conduct Web-based meetings and presentations outside of the Blackboard system.

Wimba Pronto allows instant messaging within the Blackboard online course environment, and Wimba's Voice Tools feature the option to post audio messages to an audio message/discussion board. Wimba also supports the generation of short, 20-minute audio lectures as well as lectures that involve a visual component.

Training Opportunities & Schedule

Training is available year-round via free, Web-based tutorials can be scheduled throughout the year. Please note that Wimba is a transitional tool that will be available through 2014. Due to Blackboard's purchase of Wimba in 2011, CSS will be phasing in the Blackboard Collaborate tool and phasing out Wimba sometime in 2012.

If you have questions about Wimba or how to get started using it, please contact Sarah Bryans Bongey.

Resources & Documentation

Academic Technology Institute Handouts (added 8/31)
Joel's Top Ten Hints for Using Wimba
Wimba Classroom Getting Ready Guide
Success with Wimba Classroom

Resources for Faculty/Presenters
Wimba Classroom - Resources for Blackboard Instructors (added 8/21)
Wimba Voice Tools - Resources for Blackboard Instructors (added 8/21)
A step-by-step process for creating a wimba room outside of Blackboard (added 09/02)
Bb 9.1: Add Wimba Classroom to Your Course Menu in Bb 9.1 (added 08/27)
Bb 9.1: Wimba user guide for Bb 9.1 (added 08/27)

Resources for Students
Wimba Participant Guide
(added 8/25)
Wimba Student Readiness Guide (one page)
YouTube Video: Get ready to participate in a Wimba session! (for students)

General Resources for Wimba Presenters and Participants
Wimba Higher Education Web site

Wimba Technical Support site (added 8/14)
Wimba Set Up Wizard (run this before your session)

We will continue to update this site with additional resources as they become available.