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Recruiters often look for completed projects to provide insight into the skills and knowledge that you bring to a future position. When you list this information, employers can see where your experience lies based on real-world examples and in a tangible way. This is a much more compelling story to tell versus just listing courses you completed. • Information about projects completed within coursework can be included in the Education section or as a separate section on your resume (ex. “Academic Experience”, “Project Experience” or “Relevant Projects”). • Include the title of the project, the course it was completed for, any leadership role you had while completing the project, and related information on skills, software, or programming used to complete the project. • Always use the terminology that is listed as a part of the job posting if you can. • Remember to include transferable (or “soft”) skills that were key to completing the project, such as leadership, communication, and organization. Education The College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN Bachelor of Science in Biology • 3.45 GPA Senior Design Project Construction of a Seedling Irrigation System Designed and implemented a mechanical process to water seedlings inside of a greenhouse, allowing year-round growing in remote Midwest city. Developed proposals, reviews, budgets, user manuals, and a working prototype that was delivered to the customer. May 2018 Example 2: Listing a class project on your resume as a separate entry. Highlights course name. Management Communications (ENG 3364) - Revision to Marketing Major Proposal • Worked as a team to develop two revised undergraduate marketing schemas • Interviewed a variety of academic departments and local marketing employers for input • Project chosen to be entered into Conference Exhibition Example 3: Listing multiple projects as one line each (to save space) Related Technology Projects (or Course Projects) • Conducted an exercise to scan and test network security for regional delivery company using x software • Served as team lead to track fictitious network of resources and logistics to assess net work security at y organization • Worked collectively to develop a network-based solution to a student data use problem using x and y tools during four-month period 13 listing projects and coursework on resume Example 1: Formatting a project in the Education section of your resume Job Search Handbook LISTING PROJECTS AND COURSEWORK ON YOUR RESUME