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You represent yourself everywhere you go and first impressions make a difference. Plan and prepare how you will make your professional introductions. Elevator Pitch A brief introduction that is used in networking events, conferences, and professional gatherings. It is typically 30 seconds to one minute - the time it takes for an elevator to go a few flights before the doors open and the person to whom you are speaking exits. Typical components: • • • WHO YOU ARE - name, level in school, name of school and major WHAT YOU SEEK – opportunities, goals, connections WHY YOU - share relevant experience, skills or strengths, passion Job Fair Introductions Good afternoon, my name is __________________ and I am a _____ year student in the _____________ program and exploring career options in the __________ field. Introduction to Questions: • I will be looking for an internship/full time job in _______________, with emphasis on _____________. Can you tell me about opportunities you might have in these areas? • Can you tell me more about your organizations (scope of work, locations)? • What are your current or future hiring needs? • Can you tell me more about your application process? • What traits or experiences do you particularly look for in candidates? • Why do you enjoy working for this organization? • Could you tell me more about the working culture at your organization? • Do you use social media to post jobs or look for candidates? • Can you tell me more about what I should expect in the interviewing process? • Given my background/interest, what do you suggest as my next step? Closing: • Thank you for sharing this information. • I appreciate having the opportunity to talk with you and learn more about _______________. • Thank you for being on campus today/recruiting at this job fair. Email Introductions Take time to write out and edit what you plan to say in your email correspondence. • • • • • Use a meaningful subject header Address the recipient in a professional manner Be brief and to the point Sign the email with your full name Spell check and review for errors before sending In addition to the tips listed above, consider including information on who referred you, the purpose/ request of your email, and express gratitude for their time. 27 professional introductions Opening: Job Search Handbook Professional Introductions