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Job Search Handbook professional dress The timetable below provides a general guideline to follow as you complete the application process. These are only approximate dates. Consult with each individual program you are considering to verify the Dress for Success application requirements and Look professional - institution and program. deadlines for that first impressions count professional dress 28 Quick Tips Grooming. Hosiery and Shoes. Have well Hosiery be plain or neutral, Grooming – The goal is to look your a best and groomed - light colored hairstyle, nail polish, clean on a simple, be should professional shoes low- presentation that ensures no distractions focus fingernails, should a closed-toe pump or minimal and natural-looking makeup. heeled to match your suit. Ties should be conservative- small pattern or stripes, from your interview. polished dress shoes, dark socks, and a belt to match your shoes. Suit – Wear a conservative, neutral Wear colored, Suit. two two suit piece suit. Skirt length should fall to the knee and pants should be a conservative piece and dress in black, navy or dark grey. For business length hemmed to skim the top of your shoes. fall casual, to the khaki’s and work. pants Skirt hemmed Accessories. should knee Wear a minimum amount of jewelry to skim the top of your shoes. - a watch, a ring, and small earrings. Shirt – Pair your suit with a light colored shirt, blouse, or a sweater. Shoes – Look for comfortable, well-polished, closed-toe dress What shoes to to wear. match your suit. Shirt. NOT Pair your suit with a light colored tailored Short skirts, shorts, see-through or shirt, blouse or a sweater. low-cut shirts, sandals, clanking and large jewelry, tie, or a t-shirt. Accessories – Ties should have small patterns and details. Wear jeans, a wild minimum amount of jewelry such as a watch, a ring, or small earrings. What to Avoid – Strong body odor or fragrances, uncomfortable shoes, sandals, short skirts, shorts, see-through or low-cut shirts,t shirts, and jeans. Campus Resources St. Scholastica’s Professional Clothing Closet - Science 1207 • • • • Open to all students Variety of items & accessories available Students are welcome to borrow or keep the clothing and accessories Collect key in Science 1123 Duluth Options Miller Hill Mall and Area Catherine’s JCPenney Men’s Wearhouse Chico’s Kohl’s Old Navy Express Francesca’s Lane Bryant Maurices Roz & Ali Target Goodwill Plato’s Closet Consignment and Gently Used Dannie Duluth Savers Downtown Duluth and Canal Park Ed Barbo’s Columbia Clothing Mainstream Fashions For Men Pichardo Boutique Two & Co