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Preparation is key! Here are some tips to get you started. Career Services also offers mock interviews to help you prepare. Follow these steps and contact Career Services for help along the way! Do a social media check and make sure what you find is appropriate. Google yourself. Discover what shows up; make changes accordingly. Make sure your email address, twitter handle, etc., are professional. Watch what you post on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Also be aware of what others post about you! Adjust your privacy settings as needed. Do not post a job until after you have officially accepted a position. Research the organization thoroughly. Do your homework! Spend time researching on the organization website Thoroughly research the organization and be sure you understand their mission and values and what makes them unique. Carefully review the job description. Be sure you understand the responsibilities and qualifications of the role. Know and practice articulating why you want to work for them and why you are a good fit! Spend time brainstorming your strengths, skills, and experiences as related to the position. What makes you uniquely qualified? Ask yourself (and others) “Why would I be good for this job?” Reflect on any red flags in your history you might need to address and prepare honest, positive responses. Prepare your Introduction. Prepare your Elevator Pitch or answer to “Tell us a little bit about yourself?” Include information about your past, present and future. Begin with your full name, major, and briefly recap your background, and experiences. Remind them why you are excited to be interviewing. This is your first chance to sell yourself and show your passion! Develop your story. Review common interview questions and think about how you will answer them. Prepare stories that highlight your strengths and practice telling them. Develop concrete examples that show how you are qualified. Review the “Behavioral-Based Questions” in the Job Search Handbook. Remember the formula of Set up (when was it and what was your role), Action (what happened), and Result (what did you learn from that situation that has prepared you for the role you are interviewing for?) Prepare for general, ethical, and even off-the-wall questions. Review Typical Interview Questions in the Job Search Handbook. Show excitement for and interest in this particular company and role. Include answers that demonstrate the research you did ahead of time. Be courteous, professional and kind. Don’t speak negatively about others. Avoid blaming others or being pessimistic in your answers. Prepare Questions for the Employer. Prepare for the question, “What Questions do you have for us?” Review the Job Search Handbook section on Questions for the Employer. Prepare 5-8, but plan to ask 2 or 3 as time allows. This is not the time to address salary/benefits/ vacation time. Brainstorm a list of what you want to be sure you cover. Often they will close with “Is there anything else we should know about you that we have not covered?” - don’t say no! This is a chance to remind them of why you are excited about this opportunity and what makes you uniquely qualified. 29 interview checklist Organize your thoughts. Spend time reflecting on your own skills and abilities. Job Search Handbook INTERVIEW CHECKLIST