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Job Search Handbook Practice, Practice! Get your answers from your brain to your mouth by saying them out loud. interview checklist 30 Practice your answers out loud ensuring they aren’t too long or short. Practice how to conclude answers and wrap up your thoughts. Conduct practice interviews with friends and family. Use InterviewStream, found at, which allows you to practice, record, review and critique your answers. Set up a mock interview appointment with Career Services far ahead of time to allow yourself time to practice, learn and practice more! Learn details about your interview location and interviewers. Know where the interview will be held – if possible see the space ahead of time so you know where you will be going. If possible, find out who will be interviewing you and research background information on these individuals. Prepare and get ready. Plan what you are going to wear and bring. A padfolio will allow you to take notes and stay organized. A professional shoulder bag or purse is preferable to a backpack. Don’t bring anything with you that you don’t need. Bring any notes about key points you want to be sure to cover in your interview and keep those in your padfolio. Print out copies of your resume to bring along. Stop in Career Services to get free resume paper provided by Student Senate! Review the Job Search Handbook section on Professional Dress. Consider clothing and accessories that are not distracting or flashy. Consider covering or removing piercing/tattoos. Try on your outfit. Notice how it fits when you sit and stand. Make sure it is clean and pressed. Try walking in your shoes. Remember details like dark socks, polished shoes and nylons without snags. You want to be remembered for your answers, not your outfit! Getting ready before the big day. Get a good night’s rest – sleep matters! Set two alarm clocks. Prepare to look and smell professional. Groom hair and facial hair. Avoid strong smells and perfume/ cologne, garlic, onions or smoke. Be sure to eat prior to the interview – fill your stomach without overeating. Arrive early, but not too early (10-15 minutes early is usually a good window). Leave time for a restroom stop when you arrive. When you arrive Turn your phone off or better yet, leave it behind. Remember your interview begins before the formal interview starts – in the parking lot, the elevator, the reception area. Be courteous and formal with everyone you meet. Mind your manners. Great others with a nice firm handshake and your full name. Final Reminders Stay positive and upbeat—don’t forget to smile! Sit up straight! Confidence is key. Speak proudly of your accomplishments. You can’t control how qualified the other candidates are, you can only control how prepared and professional you are. When you arrive. Follow up with a handwritten professional error-free thank you note within 24 hours. See the Job Search Handbook section for examples. Follow through with all directions regarding follow up and next steps. Let Career Services know how it went! We always appreciate it!