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Why? Employers consistently report that students who come unprepared for interviews are eliminated from the applicant pool because they know little or nothing about the organization to which they are applying. Research is a key component to your successful job/internship search. If you do your homework, you can talk more intelligently about how your skills and experiences will fit the organization. You will also be able to tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific positions for which you are applying. Finally, research will help you as the applicant determine if the position and company fit your skills, values and goals. Employer Research Checklist Basic Facts Employer History/Reputation Organization’s national and local reputation, awards, other recognition, etc. Any recent news stories about the organization Major competitors Financial Information Size of firm and industry How the organization is funded Stock prices (if relevant) Growth, decline or recent changes in structure or products Philosophy/Goals Mission, vision, philosophy of the organization Biographical information on the CEO or managers including education, background, salaries Employee morale Organization structure, training programs, typical career paths Employer’s review or evaluation process Where Can I Find This Information? Specific company’s website Social media (including company pages on LinkedIn) Chambers of commerce Trade journals, business magazines Business Source Premier (available through CSS Library) Networking 35 researching employers Number of plants, stores, outlets, employees Complete product line or service Geographic locations and location of corporate headquarters Parent or subsidiary company information When and how the organization was established Job Search Handbook Researching Employers