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Internships are hands-on, practical applications of classroom learning. They are the best way for students to gain relevant work experience prior to graduation. Start here to make sure you are ready and then make an appointment to see Career Services for more help along the way! Your Major Meet with your Faculty Advisor to review major requirements, fitting an internship into your schema, and possible internship sites. Ask other department faculty about additional internship resources. Consider whether or not you wish to seek credit for the internship. *Complete this at least one semester (if not a year) prior to an internship. Reflect and Research Reflect on primary goals for the internship: 1) How will it develop the skills I need to succeed in future jobs? 2) How does this experience fit into my overall career plan? Identify potential internship sites and organizations that interest you. Research each employer and opportunity to determine if it’s a fit for your goals and your experience level. If you’re considering a business-related major, sign up for SBT 2100, Career Exploration the semester before you wish to secure the internship. This course will guide you through each step to prepare for to apply. Application Materials Read the Job Search Handbook section on Resume Writing and review the resume examples. (Available in T17 or at Draft your cover letter so it’s ready to customize once you apply to specific internships. Submit these documents to Career Services for review. Once you’ve received feedback and made updates, translate the content to your LinkedIn and other social media profiles. Make sure your profiles present you as a positive, engaged, and motivated student seeking an internship. You are your best marketer! 39 internship preparation Prep Course Job Search Handbook INTERNSHIP PREPARATION CHECKLIST Handshake Networking Attend career or community events to network with employers and professionals. Inquire with your existing network about positions that may be suited to you. Many internships are unadvertised opportunities. Application List Plan on applying to multiple internships. Organize your applications to ensure all required documents are submitted on time. Check in with Career Services to review application list and ask any questions related to employers or specific internships. CHECKLIST Develop your Handshake profile similar to your LinkedIn profile, making sure it’s detailed and complete. Set alerts and upload your portfolio documents. Connect with our staff to review your profile. Handshake will recommend postings based on your profile and your search activity. If you allow employers to view your profile, they can connect you to positions at their organizations. Consider working with Career Services on a TalentNeuron report which provides information on specific postings related to skills and experience listed on your resume.