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Annual Conference

Each year, researchers, educators and practitioners meet for a three-day conference. Papers are presented on a variety of topics, ranging from e-commerce to artificial intelligence, groupware, strategic use of technology, client server, virtual reality, object oriented analysis, design and programming, and a variety of ethical and pedagogical issues. A separate sub-track is available for those interested in statistical or other quantitative methods. Papers are double blind refereed, and those that are accepted for presentation at the conference are published in the annual proceedings. The Distinguished Paper Award is presented to one meritorious paper each year.

Distinguished Paper Award Winners

2019 "Why Business Schools Must Incorporate Cybersecurity into the Business Curriculum - Preparing the Next Generation for Success."
      Elizabeth A. Cameron, Alma College
      Tanya M. Marcum, Bradley University
2018 "Enterprise relationship management in the Cloud."
      Joseph Chan, Illinois State University
2017 "Development of a Scale to Measure Attitudes Toward Information Systems and Technology"
      Anu Gokhale, Illinois State University
2016 “Personal Social Media in the Workplace: The Influence of Job Characteristics and Technostress on Performance”
      Stoney Brooks, Middle Tennessee State University
2015 "The Microfoundations of Information Technology Capabilities: An Unexplored Link between IT and Competitive Advantage"
      David Guggenheim, Southern Illinois University
2014 "Living the Case Study: Teaching Management and Leadership Ethics Online Through Serious Games"
      Thomas L. Buck, College of St. Scholastica
2013 "Cloud Computing Audit: Its Challenges and Future Development"
      David C. Chou, Eastern Michigan University
2012 "The Use of Cell Phone at Night and Whether or Not it Affects Communication, Well Being, and Productivity"
      Margaret O'Connor, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
      Douglass Rubendall, Bloosmburg University of Pennsylvania
      Patricia Policelli, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
2011 "An Analysis of the Factors that Contribute to Intellectual Property Theft"
      Johnathan Gilliam, Middle Tennessee State University
      Charles H. Apigian, Middle Tennessee State University
2010 "Are They Valued by the Board?: An Investigation of Relative Performance Evalution of Chief Information Officers."
      Nan Hu, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire
      Ling Liu, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire
      Jianhui Huuang, Singapore Management University
2009 "A Collaborative Approach for Developing Interactive Case Studies: Learning from a University Setting"
Maggie O'Connor, Bloomsburg University
      Tulay Girard, Penn State Altoona
2008 "Proposed Model for Evaluating C/LMS Faculty Usage in Higher Education Institutions"
      James Janossy, DePaul University
2007 "Early Requirements for a Marketing Management Support Systems for Exporters from Less Developed Countries: The Case Study of Ethiophen Coffee"
      Maggie O'Connor, Penn State- Berks
2006 "The Classifications of Information Systems Integration (ISI): ISI-MATRX"
Thawatchai Jitpaiboon, Ball State University
      T.S. Ragu-Nathan, University of Toledo
      Mark A. Vonderembse, University of Toledo
2005 "After the Pilot:Integrating Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Info the College of Business Curriculum"
      William C. Brown, Minnesota State University
2004 "E-Commerce Web Site Quality: A Conceptual Framework"
      Subba S. Rao, University of Toledo
      Mei Cao, Ph.D. candidate, University of Toledo
2003 "Integrating ERP Implementation with Change Management Process "
      Purnendu Mandal - Marshall University
2002 "A Model Of Network And Internet Security For Web-Based Database"
      Charlie Yong-Sang Shim, South Dakota State University
      Ali Salehnia, South Dakota State University
      Jung Y. Kim, Soth Dakota State University
      Kim, Sung Shin, South Dakota State University
2001 "Accessibility of Midwestern Universities' Web Sites: Meeting the Guidelines of the Law"
      Chaeletta F. Gutierrez. Northern Illinois University
2000 "Collabrating to Compete: Strategies for active Learning in Information Systems"
      Kathleen Molnar, St. Norbert College
      Raj Devasagayam, St. Norbert College
1999 "Using Legos/Logo to Teach Information Systems Concepts: A Constructionist Approach"
      Kathleen K. Molnar, St. Norbert College
1998 "An Instrumnet to Measure the Effectiveness if IS Development Groups"
      R. Prusad Bingi, Indiana University Purdue
      Deepak Khazanchi, Northern Kentucky University
1997 "Strategic Use of Technology: Close Encounters"
      Linda V. Knight, Illinois Valley Community College
      James D. White, Chicago Board of Trade
1996 "Neural Network Applications in Business: A Review & Analysis of the Literature (1988 - March 1995)"
      Bo K. Wong, Youngstown State University
      Dotyy Oliva, Youngstown State University

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